Gigantophis snake. Gigantophis - Facts and Figures

Gigantophis snake. Gigantophis

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Gigantophis Facts, Habitat, Diet, Fossils, Pictures

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Gigantophis garstini is an extinct giant snake. Gigantophis lived about 40 million years ago during the Eocene epoch, and in the Paleogene Period within the northern Sahara , where Egypt [3] and Algeria are now located. Jason Head, of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC , has compared fossil Gigantophis vertebrae to those of the largest modern snakes, and concluded that the extinct snake could grow from 9. If Later estimates, based on allometric equations scaled from the articular processes of tail vertebrae referred to Gigantophis , revised the length of Gigantophis to 6. Gigantophis is classified as a member of the extinct family Madtsoiidae. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.