Solar flare images. NASA/Marshall Solar Physics

Solar flare images. Solar Storm

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NASA Releases Images of 1st Notable Solar Flare of | NASA

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The high-energy blast caused disruptions for some radio operators in Europe and Africa, but it was accompanied by a slower-moving, massive cloud of charged particles known as a coronal mass ejection CME that will deliver Earth a glancing blow this weekend. All those particles colliding with Earth's magnetic field could turn up the range and the intensity of the aurora, also known as the northern and southern lights. Aurora are caused by particles from the sun that are constantly flowing toward our planet, but a CME delivers an extra large helping that can really amp up the display. In North America, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts that the aurora borealis could be visible as far south as New York and Chicago on Saturday, likely in the early morning hours. NOAA predicts that aurora could be visible as far south as the yellow line in the early morning hours Saturday. The CME is like the cannonball, propelled forward in a single, preferential direction. As solar storms go, this one is relatively mild.