Where in japan is the 2020 olympics. Olympics - Next Summer Olympic Games | Tokyo

Where in japan is the 2020 olympics. 2020 Summer Olympics

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Tokyo Why We Don't Recommend Visiting Japan for the Olympics

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Even before that, however, Japan was fast becoming an attractive travel destination. The gorgeous balance between tradition and modernity, pockets of serenity contrasting with dazzlingly frenetic activity, the cleanliness and efficiency of public transportation, the incredible food — we could go on and on! These are all great reasons to visit Japan. Yet in many ways they are the exact reasons you should reconsider traveling to Japan during the Tokyo Olympics. Certain parts of central Tokyo are already crowded at the best of times, though wonderful pockets of tranquility can be found throughout the city. Regardless, congestion is nothing new to Tokyoites, and railway companies are no strangers to expertly handling masses of commuters. This may be exacerbated at stations near the Olympic venues, such as Harajuku Station near Yoyogi Stadium, and monorail stations on the Yurikamome Line for venues in the Odaiba area here is a full list of the Tokyo Olympic venues.