Will you crack the code 682 answer. Will You Crack The Code - with Answer - Forward Junction Puzzles

Will you crack the code 682 answer. Will You Crack The Code 682 - with Answer

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Will you crack the Code ? 6 8 2 - One number is correct and well placed | Puzzles World

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It cant be bcause in the second one it is mentioned that a number is present but wrongly placed and since in that 1 is in middle and hence 1 cant be in middle so it has to be in first place but first place is occupied by 0 and the last place is occupied by 2 there fore the only place left for 1 is the middle position on which it cant be by second cndtn. Therefore is not correct and is. Now from Statements A,B,D we know that one of the digit is 2 and well placed third place. Hence the code is 0 4 2. Anyone noticed that the answer is :D :D The Answer to everything Worth Mentioning. Clear Explanation: All numbers are: 6 8 2 1 4 0 7 3 - in the 4th condition, 7 3 8 are all not correct.